Bioness L300 Go Foot Drop System

The Bioness L300 Go Foot Drop System is used by our therapists in order to assist neurological patients with upper motor dysfunction leading to foot drop and knee instability. The device has two components that can be used independent of one another depending on the need of the patient.

The lower unit activates the muscles that lift the foot, allowing the foot to clear during walking, eliminating foot drop, slap or scuffing and helps to drastically decrease risk of falls. The thigh unit can be customized to stimulate either the quadriceps muscle or the hamstring muscle. This will lead to improved knee stability and decreased buckling.

The Bioness system uses an internal gyroscope that is able to sense movement in all planes of motion. This allows the system to “learn” and self correct during walking, allowing the patient to seamlessly transition from walking forward to sideways and even backwards! The Bioness L300 Go system will also automatically adjust to changing speeds of the wearer, allowing transition from walking to running without the need for reprogramming.

In order to trial the device, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will evaluate you and customize the Bioness L300 Go to fit your unique needs. Our therapists will also advocate for you, working with your insurance companies, Bioness Inc., as well as other neurological societies to assist with funding for this device. Patients that will benefit from this device include, but are not limited to, Multiple Sclerosis, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and other disorders affecting the central nervous system.

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