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WalkAide is a medical device that has received marketing clearance from the FDA for improving the walking ability of people experiencing foot drop from upper motor neuron dysfunction. WalkAide simulates the typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot, which causes the foot to lift at the appropriate time in the walking cycle. This results in a smoother, more natural, and safer stepping motion. WalkAide is not a one size fits all device. Rather, a specially trained medical professional is required to fit and customize WalkAide for you. Using WalkAnalyst, a multifaceted computer software program, the clinician will tailor WalkAide to your individual walking pattern for optimal effectiveness.

How does Balance Therapeutics use the WalkAide System?

We specialize in caring for patients that suffer from foot drop caused by Multiple Sclerosis, incomplete SCI, TBI and Stroke/Cardiovascular Accident (CVA). With certified physical therapists to assist in the proper use of this device, proper candidates for this device will experience a greater, more active quality of life.

Balanced Body Torso Weighting - Balance Wear

The Balance Wear technology is a non-invasive orthosis that is worn by an individual with strategically placed weights on the torso. The innovative Balance Wear technology can be included in the treatment for people with balance loss, mobility limitations, verticality misalignments, movement disorders, and postural instabilities. Some diagnoses that can be treated using BBTW include: Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, CIDP, Multiple System Atrophy, and more. This technology not only positively impacts people with neurological insults, but has been shown to improve orthopedic/spinal lesions as well.

What should I expect from Balance Wear?

Patient will have evaluation/examination with a certified physical therapist to assess postural control and balance while utilizing the Balance Wear Assessment techniques. Directional loss of balance will be determined during the examination. Strategically placed weights ranging from 0.125 – 0.5 pounds will be secured to the torso of the individual to improve postural alignment and balance. The initial assessment that had been conducted by your physical therapist will be re-tested to gauge immediate improvements. Pending successful results, your team consisting of your physical therapist, neurologist, or medical doctor will work towards obtaining a device for home usage.


Here at SSNA Balance and Physical Therapeutics, we participate in many research studies in order to further advances in the physical therapy field. By participating in these programs, we are providing the newest therapies to our patients. Two of the studies that we have recently participated in are:

  • The RACE Study in conjunction with Dartmouth University to study the effects of adding reactive balance treatment to improve balance and reduce falls in the older population.
  • INSTRIDE Study in conjunction with Innovative Neurotronics Inc. to examine the effectiveness of the WalkAide stimulus unit versus a standard ankle foot orthotics in the treatment of foot drop.
  • Future research in conjunction with Touro College Physical Therapy department to study the effects of the LSVT Big Intervention program on individuals with PD

Physical Therapists:

Christina Burke, PT, DPT, NCS

Dr. Burke received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College, a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from Queens College, is a Clinical Specialist in Neurology accredited by the APTA, and has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Touro College. Dr. Burke specializes in vestibular and balance therapy and is an adjunct professor at Touro College as well as a fulltime Clinical Assistant professor in the Physical Therapy Dept at SUNY Stony Brook University.

Stacy Trebing, PT

Stacy Trebing helped originate the balance program at SSNA in 1995. She received her Bachelors of Science from Stony Brook University. Ms. Trebing was trained in Vestibular Therapy at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at the NYU Medical Center. In addition, Ms. Trebing is certified in LSVT BIG for treatment of Parkinson's disease, has extensive experience and numerous certifications in vestibular rehab, and extensive experience in the treatment of neurologic conditions. Ms. Trebing specializes in Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Nicholas Froiseth, DPT

Dr. Froiseth received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from SUNY Cortland in 2011 and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2016. He has extensive experience working with various neurologic diseases including: vestibular dysfunction, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and concussion. Dr. Froiseth has gained certifications in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, Balance Wear, and LSVT BIG. Dr. Froiseth is also a consultant for Motion Therapeutics where he assists other clinicians in utilizing Balance Wear to better assist their patients with balance concerns. Dr. Froiseth specializes in Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Stephanie VanSchaick, DPT

Dr. Stephanie VanSchaick received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from St. Joseph’s College in 2013, followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology in 2018. Her doctoral research that explored specific neurological components of Parkinson’s disease was presented at multiple conferences, most notably for The American Society of Neurorehabilitation. Following this, she became certified in LSVT BIG, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. In addition, Stephanie began extending her services to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions in both women and men, and is avidly working towards becoming a specialist.

Nicole Aquino, DPT

Dr. Aquino received her Bachelors of Science in Childhood Education from SUNY Cortland in 2013. She went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2016. She has extensive experience and interest working with the neurologic patient population, specifically with diagnoses of Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s disease, and Concussion. Dr. Aquino has received various certifications to continue advancing her treatment skills, with certifications in LSVT Big, SFMA- 1, Post-Concussion, and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Brian Connell, DPT

Dr. Connell received his Bachelors of Science from Stony Brook University in 2015 and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2019. Throughout his graduate schooling he completed internships in Acute Hospital Care, Neurological Physical Therapy, and Orthopedic Physical Therapy, which has granted him exposure to an array of patient populations. He has a special interest in both Neurological, Balance, and Vestibular cases. He is currently certified in LSVT BIG, a specialized treatment for those with Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Connell also took part in a research study focusing on analyzation of walking in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, which he presented at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in January 2019. Dr. Connell is currently working on becoming specialized in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Maria Schilling, DPT

Dr. Schilling received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Hofstra University in 2017, followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University in 2020. Throughout her clinical experience she was worked with patients with neurologic conditions such as: Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke, concussion, cerebral palsy, and vestibular dysfunction. She is currently certified in LSVT BIG, a treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has experience working with sports injuries and professional athletes. She is looking to continue her growth as a clinician by gaining certifications in vestibular rehab, balance body torso weighting, and concussion.

Physical Therapy Assistants

Susan Modugno, PTA - Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist
Heidi Wan, PTA
Jerry Venezia, PTA
Barbara Williams, PTA

Balance and Physical Therapeutics Locations:

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Tel: 631-758-1910
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